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  • Cheap SMS loan is there?

    Is there really something you can call a cheap SMS loan? If you believe the media in this country, an SMS loan is by definition reprehensible. They always seem to be better off with the more classic private loans. However, the question is not so simple at all, but there is a lot that affects […]

  • Borrowing and investing money

    Investing borrowed money can, under certain conditions, be of interest to both individuals and companies. The attractiveness is determined by the possible return, the risk and the interest rate that you pay. In this article we explain everything about borrowing money and investing money. Borrowing & Investing Money When to invest borrowed money Investing money […]

  • Small business loan from scratch: a step-by-step plan for obtaining

    Of all the loans, the most difficult thing is to get a loan to create and promote a small business. Individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as IP) and private individuals conducting their business are included in the category of clients that banks have the least trust in. A loan for small business development from scratch […]

  • Loans of money in your account at the moment

    You need an injection of extra money to solve a medical emergency, repair the car or just to make a last minute investment, in Good Loan we have quick loans of up to 750 euros. The quick money loans are designed to respond to those needs that suddenly appear and that do not allow time […]

  • Can they go to jail for not paying the loan?

    The larger the loan, the more responsibility lies with the borrower, since a large amount has to be paid each month. Any life trouble – illness, loss of work or close people, leads to inability to service the debt, and the borrower asks the question: what is the probability that the bank will plant for […]

  • How to teach a child from an early age to manage personal finances

    Do I give pocket money to my children? At this point, almost all parents ask this question. And if given, from what age and to what extent ? Do I need to report on the amounts spent and whether to devote the child to the subtleties of the formation of the family budget ? These […]

  • Startup financing – stages, criteria, sources

    Startup can be called any company that is in its infancy or just started its activities. Such an organization often introduces an innovative idea in the environment of Internet technologies, in medicine or in the scientific field. All business start-ups need start-up financing. As a rule, a startup person is a young man between the […]