A 16-year-old music prodigy who graduated from college

DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) — University of California-Davis’ youngest graduate of the class of 2022 is a musical prodigy. Even more remarkable than his talent is his age; she graduated four years at age 16.

Obtaining a university degree takes many years for most. For UC Davis graduates, many of the crowd starting their post-graduate life are in their early twenties.

A graduate, however, is not even able to legally vote yet.

Tiara Abraham obtained her baccalaureate at just 16 years old.

A budding musical prodigy since she could speak, Tiara’s STEM parents said their daughter surprised them with her tenacity for the musical arts.

“She always showed her passion for music,” said Taji Abraham, Tiara’s mother.

Tiara was in community college when she was 7, the same age her older brother started college.

Tiara was featured in a news story years ago, when she was just 10, for helping others by raising money for concerts and performing at Carnegie Hall.

The teenager has been aiming for her graduation day for years.

“Being able to walk on stage is really a wonderful moment,” she said.

Tiara’s father, Bijou Abraham, said he supports his children in their goals and passions.

“We’re making sure they have the opportunity to follow their passion, not trying to steer them towards what we think is best for them, but towards what their passion is,” he said.

Traversing the stage with 4.0 and 12 graduate school offerings from America’s top music schools, Tiara takes her talent to Indiana University, where she hopes to one day grace the stages of the best opera houses in the world. world.

“I was able to overcome all of that, just prove to myself that I was able to perform with great technique and here I am,” she said.

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