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Have you ever wished you owned your favorite song, like you would a painting or a sculpture? You could flaunt your good taste in music and earn money through its resale or royalties as a rightful legal owner. If so, your wish has come true. Vancouver-based Indian-born filmmaker Uzair Merchant has released the world’s first NFT music video for his song “Stardust,” and he invites you to own a piece of history.

The advent of the NFT market has changed the art world as we know it. Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs put creative assets like digital images, music, videos, movies, in the same mold as traditional stocks and securities. This means people can own parts of these digital creative works and reap the benefits of ownership, while giving artists a chance to earn money for their hard work, as well as greater exposure. So far, the NFT space has attracted various art forms, however, Merchant’s Stardust is the very first music video to enter this realm. They did this by partnering with Finhaven Private Markets, a Canada-based security token marketplace, which offers a regulated trading environment for investors.

Aaron Drew

Even before earning the title of the world’s leading NFT music video, Stardust had won numerous accolades. It was released in July 2021 by the collaborative group of musicians known as Kri8.labs, which is an ever-growing collective of many artists from around the world. This particular song was composed by four artists from Vancouver and Dubai, of Indian, Arab and Canadian descent. They are Salim, the very first Emirati hip-hop artist in the UAE; Aaron Drew, a prolific Canadian music entrepreneur; Sian Flanagan, an award-winning performer; and Uzair Merchant, a production designer and director who has worked on movies like Deadpool 2 and The Misfits, as well as TV series like Superman & Lois.

The unique bilingual rap song was also performed by Merchant. “Stardust” is the theme song for upcoming sci-fi show Black Rose directed by James Bamford of Arrow fame, which makes the deal for the owners of his NFT all the sweeter – they’ll also be executive producers of the show. “So far, no music video has gone through a legal titles channel to be turned into NFT. This clip was shot on an iPhone and has already won eight international awards at film festivals. It was the uniqueness of the track that caught our attention,” Merchant shares.

Artwork based on personal grief often draws crowds, and Stardust is no different. This moving lament was inspired by Merchant’s experience during the pandemic when his father was in a state of immobility after cardiac arrest. He shares, “Stardust” is a struggle between two worlds where the character desperately searches for answers, only to learn that life has its own flow. This is to be watched, not fought – the idea is that we all came from Stardust and will return to Stardust. There is no doubt that this clip points the way to the future, where the worlds of NFT, traditional finance and art meet in a sustainable way.

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Artists: Uzair Merchant, Salim, Aaron Drew, Sian Flanagan
Director: Uzair Merchant
Securities Dealer: Finhaven Private Markets
Black Rose TV show soundtrack
Stream to: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Saavn and more