A high school musical was inspired by Wegmans

When Algonquin Regional High School teacher Maura Morrison brought the idea to her drama class, students began improvising lyrics to make song parodies, Bloomberg reports. Soon, the class was hatching a plot about sibling betrayal, featuring brothers who worked at competing grocery chains — one, of course, being a Wegmans. The outlet reports that when Morrison brought the script to Wegmans’ head office for their blessing, she expected the supermarket chain to shut down the school’s performance. Instead, Wegmans sent hats and t-shirts and hosted the opening party. According to school newspaper The Harbinger, when the high school relaunched the show in 2018, the musical again had Wegmans’ full support, with business executives in the audience cheering on the teen actors (via Bloomberg ).

This revival performance currently lives on via YouTube, but “Wegmans: The Musical” seems ripe for TikTok. A growing number of musical theater parodies, from “Ratatouille: The Musical” to “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” are going wild on the app, with the former getting the green light from Disney for a benefit performance (via Variety) and the second winning a Grammy Award (via The Conversation). Since a grocery store musical – aptly called “Grocery Store: A New Musical” – has already made the rounds on TikTok and the app maker has started ordering musicals, maybe “Wegmans: The Musical” is the next to become a TikTok sensation.