Alice Cooper wrote a musical

Alice Cooper has revealed that he has written a musical titled welcome to my nightmarethat he would like to see play on Broadway or in London’s West End.

Noting that the songs featured in the piece have already been put “in order”, all Cooper needs now is permission to take his creation to the big stage.

In a new interview in the 300th edition of Classic Rock, Cooper shared his aspirations to get into musical theater after being asked if there was anything he hadn’t checked off his bucket list. things to do in terms of career.

“We always talked about doing a show on Broadway or something in the West End,” the shock rocker reveals. “The play is already written, it is called Welcome to my nightmare. All the songs are already in order, just bring them to Broadway and make them bigger. It’s pure Alice Cooper.”

It’s unclear whether Cooper would perform in the play himself, but if he takes the stage, it wouldn’t be the musician’s first time in show business. In 2018, he starred as King Herod in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s NBC musical television special. Jesus Christ Superstar.

And judging by Cooper’s talent for the theater in his own shows, which incorporate guillotines, snakes and other eccentric stage attractions, we imagine a musical written by the godfather of shock rock would be a show to have.

Elsewhere in the interview, the musician reveals his personal highlight of the past 24 years (the lifespan of classic rock magazine so far).

“I think about the longevity of the Alice Cooper show and the quality of the show,” he says. “People keep coming to see the show because they know it’s going to be something special. It’s not just going to be a rock ‘n’ roll show, it’s going to be an Alice Cooper show.

The 300th edition of Classic Rock is available now and features new interviews with Jimmy Page, Cheap Trick, Heart & Halestorm, Geddy Lee, Metallica, Brian May, Genesis, Iron Maiden and many more.