An ‘almost famous’ musical is coming to Broadway in November

It has been four years since Cameron Crowe first teased a almost known musical when he dropped a 20-second video of composer Tom Kitt playing the piano, while William Miller’s signature yellow post-its posted clues on the wall. Now, Crowe is officially bringing his beloved film to Broadway, which is set to open at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater in Manhattan on November 3.

Crowe first announced the adaptation in the fall of 2018, and it opened the following year in his hometown of San Diego, Calif. (Joni Mitchell made a rare appearance during the premiere). After being stalled by the pandemic, production is finally making its way to the East Coast. Previews will begin at the Jacobs Theater – where Company with Katrina Lenk is in theaters now – October 3. Tickets are on sale now.

Like the 2000 film, the musical chronicles Crowe’s teenage years as a rolling stone early ’70s writer, told through Miller’s lens. He joins the group Stillwater on the road, profiling them for the cover of RSand learns a thing or two about life along the way.

The musical will be directed by Jeremy Herrin, known for the years 2017 People, places and thingswith original music by Kitt (who recently worked on Little shredded pill). Crowe adapted his Oscar-winning screenplay for the book and co-wrote the lyrics with Kitt. The production stars Casey Likes as Miller, Chris Wood as Russell Hammond, Solea Pfeiffer as Penny Lane and others.

“This cast came together over a period of years, and when we performed the show in San Diego, it was an incredibly moving experience,” Crowe said. rolling stone. “I was there every night to watch, it was like following a band you like. We have all remained close during the pandemic. It’s such a statement that almost the entire cast was able to come back to tell the story. Someone said to me the other day, ‘Have you always dreamed of writing a Broadway musical?’ All I could think of was that my childhood dream was to be able to buy records and have an article published in rolling stone. Everything that followed was a rollercoaster ride and a gift that comes from a love of music…which, coincidentally, is sort of what the play is about.

Accompanying the announcement, “Everybody’s Coming Together,” which you can hear below, in a video directed by Crowe. The original Broadway Cast album will arrive this fall.

Crowe’s Oscar-winning 2000 film recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, where the cast (Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, etc.) took part in a podcast and Zoom meeting. Crowe commemorated the anniversary with an extensive interview, a virtual journey through his archives, and a massive re-release of the soundtrack.

“Broadway fans and rock fans have so much in common,” Crowe added. “We are obsessed with music, we dig into every possible recording we find and cherish those moments when an artist stands on stage, opens their heart in the most personal way and creates true magic. Suddenly, anything seems possible. almost known has always been about the power of that connection: hearing a piece of music for the first time, looking into a person’s eyes and feeling the electricity, finding their tribe. The phrase “It’s all happening” has always been so central to the show, and now that we’re heading to Broadway, it’s finally come true. It’s actually… anything goes.