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Ashley Danyew didn’t coin the term “musicpreneur,” but she’s been working hard to perfect it. Simply put, the word mashup refers to professional musicians adept at handling the business side of their career.

Danyew FY ’07 is definitely qualified. She is a pianist and singer who graduated in piano and organ performance from UGA. She is also a highly qualified writer, business owner and teacher. In addition to her UGA bachelor’s degree, she holds a master’s and doctorate in music education from the prestigious Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

“A lot of musicians have multiple interests; they just don’t know how to tie them together,” Danyew says. “For a long time I felt like I couldn’t be all of that. But I think more and more we’re seeing encouragement to embrace who you are – all the different sides of yourself. is what sets you apart in this field.

Ashley Danyew with her neighbor in Rochester, New York, fellow Bulldog Joe Watson BFA ’56.

Danyew’s first foray into music entrepreneurship came with his first job after his master’s program. Do only “jobs”. Danyew and her husband, Steve, a composer, moved to rural Massachusetts, where she led adult and children’s choirs, taught at a local college, ran a chamber music festival and taught at two studios. different pianos. Danyew says the variety of her musical work has kept her fresh and engaged.

After living and working in Massachusetts for two years, she and Steve returned to Rochester, where she continued her education. They decided to stay.

Danyew did not originally consider herself a teacher. She had been a performer since joining her church choir in Woodstock when she was 11 years old. But she credits her piano teacher at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, Evgeny Rivkin, for encouraging her to go in this direction.

“He said I would make a great teacher one day because I could break things down into small steps and explain things well,” Danyew recalled. “It really struck me. No one had given me that kind of statement before.

Danyew has adopted a variety of modern tools to reach his audience. She has been blogging since 2010 and in recent years has shifted her content to focus on music teachers. She and her husband co-founded Musician & Co., which offers advice to other musicians on how to become entrepreneurs. In 2020, she expanded her “teaching teachers” scope to podcasting, with Field Notes on Teaching and Learning Music, which feature a variety of observations and teaching ideas.

Out of necessity, Danyew has taught much of the past year and a half remotely, and it has been a learning experience not only for her students but for herself as well. She readily admits that listening to a student play on Zoom isn’t the same as sitting across the room with them, but teaching online has helped her students develop greater musical independence and empowered her. to teach students outside of Rochester, and screen sharing can offer a new look at the development of musicians. Still, she looks forward to the return of in-person teaching.

Until then, Danyew continues to produce engaging and thoughtful content for his online platforms and email subscribers, who number over 18,000. someone would read it,” Danyew says. “It was just for me. Then I realized maybe I could help others.

What Ashley Danyew’s garden in Rochester looks like in winter.

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