Collection event of melodies, musical notes, rewards

pokemon unite players have no shortage of ways to collect more in-game goodies. player progress through the game while collecting fancy cosmetics. Great? Read on to learn more about the Melody Collection event, how to get Music Notes, and what items you can trade them for.

pokemon unite Melody Collection Event

Melody Collection Event Calendar

The Melody Collection event at pokemon unite started on Monday, January 17, and run to February 3, 2022 (Thursday). That’s a total of 16 days during which players can collect their Music Notes and redeem them for rewards including Aeos Coins and High Value Item Amplifiers. Be sure to take note when the event ends so you can enjoy your tunes until then, otherwise the music will be wasted and you won’t be able to earn your rewards.

How to Collect Music Notes: Daily Login, Matches Played, and Event Missions

Players can obtain musical notes in different ways. The easiest way to do this is to log in every day during the 16-day period through the Special Gift Missions. Try not to interrupt your streak so you can quickly rack up notes in pokemon unite.

Of course, playing a few games and scoring goals will also grant Music Notes, so queue up and strap in for the grind. Among the various challenges, the event will require players to score a total of five goals, score a total of 60 points, and win two battles with different Pokémon, all for 15 Music Notes each.

Players can already exchange these Music Notes directly for Item Boosters, Aeos Tickets and Aeos Coins, which can be used to enjoy cosmetics, pokemon unite licenses and improved combat stats through held items. (More on the rewards below.) Or, since it’s aptly called the Melody Collection Event, you can redeem them for a Melody or two.

How to collect the melody

Players can already claim a ton of rewards using just the Music Notes. However, if you’re racking up a lot of Notes, you might want to consider swapping them out for Melody. The exchange rate is 100 Music Notes for 1 Melody, and vice versa. Players can also grab Melody directly by logging into pokemon unite. Connections of 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 10 days will each give a melody.

You’ll need the melody – plus a few leftover music notes, so don’t just swap it all out aimlessly – in order to unlock greater rewards available for this event, including 3-day limited licenses plus a whopping 800 Aeos Coins. If you want to swap musical notes to the melody, or vice versa, navigate to the Melody Collection tab in the Events section; they are mixed with other rewards available for redemption.

Melody Collection Event Rewards

Finally, here are all the details of the rewards players can get during the current period. pokemon unite Event. Earnable Unite licenses allow you to use the Pokémon in battle for up to three days. Unless you really want to try out Cramorant or Mr. Mime, you might be better off spending your notes on Aeos parts, so you can work towards the full Unite license, or the 80 item boosters become stronger in battle.

Swap your musical notes and melody wisely and keep in mind the limitations of each type of object. This indicates how many times you can benefit from this reward. For example, you can only exchange 200 musical notes and a melody once for all 80 item enhancers during the event. Also note that you need both types of currencies for this, not an “or”. If you have tickets to lose by the end of Melody Collection, exchange them for a few tickets or coins.

This is admittedly not a very efficient trading system, as players only receive 3 coins for 10 musical notes. However, since the trade limit is 999, you can still rack up plenty of coins if you’d rather opt for that instead of the 3-day Unite licenses, so you can trade in your extra melody and just use the notes to get Coins and save enough for the Unite license or cosmetic you want.

Microsoft Activision Blizzard, XBOX
To exchange Reward
200 musical notes + 1 melody 800 Aeos Coins (trade limit: 1)
200 musical notes + 1 melody 80 Item Enhancers (Trade Limit: 1)
100 musical notes + 1 melody Cramorant – Three Day Limited Unite License (Trade Limit: 1)
100 musical notes + 1 melody Mr. Mime – Three-Day Limited Unite License (Trade Limit: 1)
50 musical notes 50 Aeos Tickets (Exchange limit: 14)
30 musical notes 5 Aeos Coins (trade limit: 5)
10 musical notes 3 Aeos Coins (trade limit: 999)
10 musical notes 3 Aeos Tickets (Exchange limit: 999)