‘Hawkeye’: Full Lyrics for ‘Rogers: The Musical’ Showstopper

“I could do this all dayiiiiii! »

After a cold and heartbreaking opener that actually revisited the Battle of New York, Disney+ Hawk Eye leaps to present-day MCU Broadway, where Clint Barton (along with her three children) endures a performance of Rogers: The Musical.

The fictional production is very… “hit series for all ages,” put politely… loading the scene with mid-budget takes on the Avengers as a pre-intermission showstopper recounts their defeat of Loki and the Chitauri.

Clint (played by Jeremy Renner), we and his daughter Lila realize his hearing aid was tuned, but was paying enough attention to notice that Ant-Man, for his part, wasn’t even there for the Battle of New York! A spotlight on Black Widow, meanwhile, is clearly #TooSoon for Clint, who of course saw his friend sacrifice her life in End of Game.

For the show within the show, Hawk Eye enlisted Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman’s one-two punch – whose writing credits include hair spray (for which they won a Tony and a Grammy), the Broadway-adjacent television station smash and the movie Mary Poppins Returns.

Regarding the showstopper previewed in episode 1 (listen to it in full above and watch the original lyrics below), “When we were writing it was when people were going to bang on pots and pans for employees from the hospital, first responders,” Wittman mentioned. “Everything seemed to correspond to the universe in which we were writing. So the notion of “someone please save New York” was the battle cry of [the song].”

Check out the original, complete lyrics to “Save the City” — starting with entire sections that preceded the start of the scene and including several lines that changed along the way, plus some of our own liner notes — and make hear your favorite tunes.

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Hawkeye Musical Lyrics

Hawkeye Rogers musical lyrics