‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Season 2 Cast: Ages, Instagram and More

The East High Wildcats are back on Disney+ for a whole new semester, and it looks like we’re about to get a whole new dose of teen drama. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series returns for its second season, and judging by all the previews for the show, there’s a lot to unpack for us fans.

Let’s give a little insight into what happens with our favorite students after Season 1. After a successful performance of musical high schoolthe drama club is back and ready to present another Disney favourite: The beauty and the Beast. Miss Jenn (aka our acting consultant extraordinaire) wants to enroll her students in a prestigious acting competition…until she realizes that one of the clubs they run into is run by none other than her ex. Oy vey. And then there’s all that Ricky/Nini drama as they finally try to work out their relationship, that is, until Nini enters a prestigious musical theater program and just at seize the opportunity, because it’s Nini and she wants so much to achieve her dreams.

We can’t just give you all the details (although we desperately want to!), but we thought it would be good to give fans a hint about the cast this season. Yes, you may know and even like some actors. But there are some new faces who are about to make a splash at East High.

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The trailer, in case you need it…


Olivia Rodrigue

Depicts: Nini, a musical theater enthusiast who played Gabriella Montez in last semester’s production of musical high school.

Age: 18

Instagram: @OliviaRodrigo

Fun fact: Um, if you haven’t listened to Olivia’s single “Drivers License” — or heard about her drama with Joshua Bassett — stop reading this and put the song on BLAST.

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Joshua Basset

Depicts: Ricky, the skateboard enthusiast who had relationship issues with Nini. He played Troy Bolton in the play last semester, although he initially had no interest.

Age: 20

Instagram: @JoshuaTBassett

Fun fact: He’s not just at the center of the drama with Olivia Rodrigo… Josh also has a song or two about relationships (we can’t confirm if it’s his co-star though).

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Dara Renee

Depicts: Kourtney, Nini’s best friend who works in the costume department.

Age: 20

Instagram: @DaraRenee

Fun fact: Although relatively new to Hollywood, Dara is already a familiar face to Disney viewers. She starred in the 2018 Disney Channel movie terrible friday (not to confuse the iconic 2003 remake with Lindsay Lohan).


Sofia Wylie

Depicts: Gina, a transfer student at East High who dreams of becoming a theater actress. She portrayed Taylor McKessie in East High’s production of musical high school.

Age: 17

Instagram: @SofiaWylie

Fun fact: Yet another former Disney Channel star is among us. Apart HSM: TM: TSSofia is best known for playing Buffy Driscoll on Andi Mac.


matt cornett

Depicts: EJ, a sportsman and Nini’s ex-boyfriend. He played Chad Danforth in the play last semester.

Age: 22

Instagram: @MattCornett

Fun fact: He is an animal lover. Matt likes to cuddle with his dog Kota, and his IG is absoutely a good place to find pictures of the duo. Tell me it’s not adorable!


Julia Lester

Depicts: Ashlyn, EJ’s cousin who wants to become a songwriter. She played Miss Darbus in last semester’s play.

Age: 21

Instagram: @JuliaLester

Fun fact: She comes from a long line of people in the industry. Julia’s father is a voice actor, her grandfather was an actor for over four decades, and her uncle composes music for various movies and TV shows.


Larry Saperstein

Depicts: Big Red, Ricky’s best friend and occasional stage manager when needed.

Age: 23

Instagram: @LarrySaperstein

Fun fact: He’s actually very close with fellow cast member Andrew Barth Feldman, who will be making his series debut this season.


Marc Saint-Cyr

Depicts: Mr. Mazzara, the STEM teacher at East High who isn’t so happy with the school’s emphasis on the arts.

Age: 33

Instagram: @MarkStCyr

Fun fact: Aside from acting credits in roles like Kevin can wait and Chicago PDhe starred alongside Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K. Brown in the critically acclaimed 2017 film marshal.


Joe Serafini

Depicts: Seb, a student at East High who is dating Carlos. He starred as Sharpay Evans in last semester’s production of musical high school.

Age: 23

Instagram: @Joe_Serafini_

Fun fact: Hello, college grad—Joe recently graduated from the University of Michigan, where he majored in musical theater.


Frankie A. Rodriguez

Depicts: Carlos, an East High student and the drama club’s choreographer.

Age: 21

Instagram: @FrankieARodriguez

Fun fact: Um, there’s a chance he’s dating his on-screen boyfriend, Joe Serafini, in real life… can we use Insta as proof?


Kate Reinders

Depicts: Miss Jenn, the drama teacher at East High who supposedly appeared in the original film.

Age: 40

Instagram: @KateReinders

Fun fact: It makes sense that Kate would play the drama adviser on the show — she’s got a ton of Broadway credits under her name. She has performed in musicals such as Bad (she played Glinda) and Magnificent: Carole King’s Musical, and she’s even part of a singer-songwriter comedy duo.


Andrew Barth Feldman

Depicts: Antoine, a French foreign student at North High who immediately has feelings for Ashlyn and loves flirting with her.

Age: 19

Instagram: @AndrewBFeldman_

Fun fact: Not only is he famous for making his Broadway debut in Dear Evan Hansen (he played the lead!), but he’s about to get a whole lot smarter when he attends Harvard in the fall. Oh, and he started a theater production company when he was just 12.


Asher Angel

Depicts: Jack, a charming high school student full of dreams.

Age: 18

Instagram: @AsherAngel

Fun fact: Besides his other famous roles (he was in Andi Mac and the DC Universe movie Shazam!), he is also a talented singer. He released a single in 2019, “One Thought Away”, featuring none other than rapper Wiz Khalifa.


Derek Hough

Depicts: Zack, Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend who, after a successful acting stint in New York, becomes the new drama teacher at North High.

Age: 35

Instagram: @DerekHough

Fun fact: The dance pro isn’t just a two-time Emmy winner for his time on Dancing with the stars (he even has six Mirror Ball trophies to his credit!), but he was also an extra in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone. Don’t believe us? Check it here.


Roman banks

Depicts: Howie, a slightly nerdy but also extremely sarcastic junior at East High who works at Salt Lake Slices.

Age: 22

Instagram: @RomanWBanks

Fun fact: Another Broadway alum on the list: Like his colleague Andrew Barth Feldman, Roman recently served as an understudy in Dear Evan Hansen. He even made theater history in December 2019 when he appeared as the first Black Evan Hansen!


Olivia Rose Keegan

Depicts: Lily, a new East High student whose competitive side is extremely well hidden under its soft exterior.

Age: 21

Instagram: @OliviaRoseKeegan

Fun fact: Disney fans may not know her, but days of our lives fans certainly do. She played Claire Brady on the long-running soap opera and recently received a Daytime Emmy for it.

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