Hone your musical skills for a new you in 2022


Music is both a relaxing pastime and a way to cultivate your mind by giving it new challenges. Yet, it can be difficult to know where to start. These four packs will help you get started or improve, whether you want to learn a new instrument or learn music theory, and on sale, with no coupon needed.

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Taught by Dan Dresnok, who has over two decades of guitar teaching experience, the nine lessons in this pack are designed for both the beginner and the seasoned player looking to explore new genres and styles. Beginners can take a crash course and take lessons focused on technique, strumming, ear training, and other guitar skills. More experienced players can explore bluegrass, jazz, blues and jamming.

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The piano is a basic instrument that many professional musicians start with. Taught by a trio of piano teachers, composers and sound engineers, these five lessons start with the basics and then turn to how the piano is used to create music. You will learn arrangement, music theory, composition and production.

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Interested in how to turn music into a career? During these eleven courses, you will explore all aspects of the professional side of music, including film scoring, lyric writing, and sound design. Other courses focus on the emotional aspect of music, teaching you how to invoke a specific feeling in your audience and create an ebb and flow.

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Skoove is designed to be your piano teacher wherever you are. Use your own keyboard or a tablet screen to practice your technique to a growing library of popular songs. Skoove’s AI will track your performance as you play, offering suggestions and drills to help you improve and put your talent first.

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