Jamestown High School Acting Class to Perform ‘Newsies: The Broadway Musical’ – Jamestown Sun

Jamestown High School Advanced Theater Arts will present “Newsies: The Broadway Musical,” at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, June 24 and 25, at the Jamestown High School Theater.

Michael McIntyre, who is co-directing with Cheryl McIntyre, says the musical is a stage version based on the 1990s Disney film, offering drama and comedy as well as “thrilling” chorus numbers.

“I think people are going to be really, really moved and excited about the show,” McIntyre said.

The musical, inspired by a real newspapermen’s strike in 1899, tells the story of Jack Kelly, a journalist (journalist) who runs other newspapers and lives on the streets of New York. When Joseph Pulitzer decides to raise prices, making it harder for the newspapers, Jack incites the newsboys to go on strike.

Young people are forming a union to try to make their voices heard on what their workers’ rights should be,” McIntyre said.

Paris Ndikum plays the role of Jack. This is his sixth production. He said he enjoyed the feeling after successfully performing in a show.

I would say there is probably no greater feeling than that,” he said. “Weeks of hard work in one or two performances.”

Jack’s love interest Katherine, played by Anja McDermid, helps the boys progress to victory, McDermid said.

But not all newsboys live on the street. Ian Weis’ character, Davey, does not.

“I’m the only one of the newsies who has parents other than my brother Les,” Weis said. “And I’m a newsboy because my father had an accident and so we work to feed our family. And I team up with Jack and I’m more the mastermind of the operation.

More than 40 people, including JHS and Jamestown Middle School students, adults and JHS alumni, play a role in the production or are part of the orchestra, McIntyre said.

“We hope people will be hungry again to get together for live entertainment,” he said, “because … nothing beats the excitement of the exchange between live performers and a live audience. And with a particular show like “Newsies,” from the time it had its first run in New York to when it’s usually played elsewhere, it’s the kind of thing that really gets an audience moving. and who often claps and shouts and so on.

The JHS Advanced Theater Arts class is a month-long class offered for school credit that is now in its 26th year, McIntyre said.

“The idea with the class is always not only to have them experience the production from the performer’s point of view, but also to try to get everyone involved in the technical elements…to help with some of the building and paint,” he said. This gives students a “multi-faceted approach to production”.

Michael McIntyre is in charge of the scenography and lighting design. Cheryl McIntyre is in charge of musical direction, choreography and conducting the orchestra.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and are available at the door.


What: “Newsies: The Broadway Musical”

When: 7 p.m. Thursday June 24 and Friday June 25

Or: Jamestown High School Theater

Admission: $7 adults, $5 students