Junny on his new full album, his musical collaborations and his next stop on tour in Vancouver!

Korean-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Junny will return to his hometown of Vancouver on September 8 as part of his North American concert tour. The “White” tour will make 11 stops in the United States and Canada and will feature Junny’s new album, “white”, out August 12th! Active since 2017, Junny has grown tremendously with his composing, writing and performing as a solo artist and with others. In addition to music, Junny is also one of the hosts of the DIVE Studios podcast, GET REAL, alongside BTOB’s Ashley Choi and Peniel. As an emerging star, Junny found success in the Korean music scene and around the world. Excited to meet fans next month, Junny spoke to BroadwayWorld about his upcoming tour, his new album and his experiences as a growing musical artist. Read the full interview below!

How does it feel to return to your hometown of Vancouver on your first North American tour?

It’s incredible ! It’s always been my dream to perform in my hometown and seeing this happen makes me really excited! It really is a dream come true!

What are you most looking forward to for the public to experience when they come to the “Blanc” tour?

I think I’m more excited for people to see the performance. This will be the first time my fans will see me in person, so I’m doing my best to prepare to put on a great show!

Your next full album, white, was inspired by your thoughts and those you spent time with. With the concept of filling a blank canvas with colorful experiences from your past, did most of these experiences take place before or after you moved to Korea? Was the process of creating the album easy or difficult?

The experiments were actually a mix of both! The album is about my days as a teenager to who I am now. The process was really tricky, but we managed to figure it out to create a complete album.

What was the hardest track to put together on your album? What track on your album do you think people will relate to the most?

I think we had the most revisions on the final track, “OH!” because it’s a song that’s just for my fans and I wanted it to be perfect too. The one that’s most relevant has to be “childhood” because it’s about growing up and leaving the past behind to become an adult. I mean… we all have to grow up one day, right?

Since your debut, you’ve composed and written for an impressive list of artists, including: IU, NCT, and members of EXO, to name a few. How have your experiences with these artists changed you as an artist?

Composing for these incredible artists has definitely changed me a lot. It has helped me expand my musical preferences in terms of the type of song I want to write/release as well as the performance side of it all. At first, it was about writing “the best possible song”. Now, after witnessing first-hand someone like EXO’s Kai performing a song I co-wrote, I’ve been able to grow and understand that there are other important aspects of being a artist.

Through your collaborations and feature films with artists such as JAY B, ph-1, Miyeon of (G)I-DLE, and more recently, CHUNG HA, is there anything you have learned from these artists? Do you find that you gravitate towards artists who resemble your own style?

I’m continually learning from artists around the world and I feel like anyone; it’s about sharing the same passion for music! That’s what intrigues me the most about collaborations.

Your career has taken off enormously since your beginnings. Your song, “Be My Side,” even caught the attention of BTS’s Jungkook! Where do you hope to take your music in the future? What are your aspirations as an artist?

I constantly strive to be better, to keep moving and to stay healthy. I think growth is key as an artist, especially musically. I want to keep reinventing myself with new sounds and new styles! I’m excited for what the future holds!

Looking back on your early days as an artist so far, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Appreciate every moment. Every experience you go through (good or bad) makes you who you are!

Junny’s “White” tour will stop in Vancouver on September 8 at 7 p.m. at the Harbor Event & Convention Centre. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased by clicking the button below! Plus, Junny’s first full album “white” is out now!

Photo credit: Unbound Entertainment Group and MAUVE Company, 2022.