Kincheloe Elementary slammed for rainbow-themed musical, parents call it Gay Pride

Days before an elementary school in Dowagiac, Mich., Put on a rainbow-themed musical featuring a rainbow-colored Santa and reindeer, several parents opposed it and accused the occasion of being a celebration of Gay Pride. In response to this, Kincheloe Elementary School responded by posting a statement on Facebook.

Mentioning the winter program, called ‘A Rainbow Christmas’, the statement written by principal Cathy J Stone on December 3 read: ‘Some families have expressed concerns about the’ rainbow. Mentioned in the title. It’s just a rainbow of colors. It has no connotation for homosexuality or gay pride. We also heard comments that a gay pride flag would be hoisted. It’s wrong. For visual effects, students will wave multicolored dancing ribbons.


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The statement also adds that the winter program is a popular program that has been run by many schools across the country. The program would tell the story of a “black and white forest” where animals only accept black and white things. They even decorate their Christmas tree in black and white. But when the colorful Santa Claus and his rainbow-colored reindeer entered the forest and explained to the locals that the world is full of color, and “that they should be tolerant, accept and share their world with others whose colors are different from theirs, “they accept their fault.

“The black and white creatures realize their visitors are right and change the name of the forest to The Rainbow Forest and invite creatures of all colors to join them in their celebration,” the statement added noting. synopsis.

The letter then addressed parents’ concerns that there were no Christmas carols in the program by mentioning titles such as “Christmas is a Rainbow” and “Sing of Christmas time!” He added, “This is an educational program in which students learned about music and storytelling. They worked hard and just want to share it with their families.

MaryJo Schnell, executive director of the OutCenter of Southwest Michigan, which provides resources to LGBTQ teens in the area, welcomed the director’s statement and said, “There will always be parents who don’t like a program or something. thing in the school curriculum. . However, this does not give them a one-sided veto over school decisions on musicals, programs, etc. I will add, however, that we support the display of rainbow flags that can signal at-risk LGBTQ + students that school is a safe place for them. Acceptance and affirmation save lives.

DUS Superintendent Jonathan Whan also responded to the letter and said: “[Stone’s] the idea was – and I agree with that – that we should get information. What we didn’t want to happen was a spiral, and then a group of people decided not to involve their children. We didn’t want this to be spoiled for anyone. And finally, after the clarification, the program took place at the Dowagiac Performing Arts Center and would have been appreciated by all who attended.

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