Massive New World Update Adds Music Performances and Band Finder

New World’s July update adds musical instruments and performances, a party finder for expeditions, and tweaks for perks and loot.

New worldThe July update introduces Musical Instruments and Performances as a new Trade Skill, a party finder for Expeditions, and countless other changes. Typical of a New world Updated monthly, the lengthy patch notes contain hundreds of minor tweaks, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

Amazon Games’ highly anticipated flagship MMORPG New world released on PC last September and initially saw a huge population of players eager to explore the Isle of Aeternum. Use a stamina-based combat system more closely resembling dark souls that World of Warcraft and boasting engaging three-way faction warfare, New world was apparently destined to be the next big MMO in a genre devoid of promising new titles. New worldHowever, the population dropped sharply after release, due to player frustration with the lack of endgame content, bugs, and performance issues. In an effort to retain players and fix the most important issues, New world released big monthly updates with new content and polished systems.


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The last monthly New world The update ends July with several exciting new features. Five musical instruments have been added as part of the new trade skill, including guitar, drums, and double bass. 31 songs can be collected throughout the game, and players can perform them solo or in a party of up to five players. Similar to Artists of Star Wars Galaxiesmusical performers in New world provide useful buffs to viewers that can tip performers for their efforts. The new Summer Medleyfaire event is also taking place, celebrating the game’s fishing and musical activities with special rewards.

Ongoing efforts to make life easier for New worldSolo players have seen the addition of a dedicated party finder for Expeditions, and Expedition Tuning Orbs have been removed in favor of simple daily limits for Expedition runs. In turn, the Expedition loot has been reduced somewhat as it will be much more accessible. Loot quality, in general, has been improved, so level 60 players should notice more epic and rare loot and better stat combinations. Over 150 perks have also been adjusted to shake up the meta and make various perks more appealing.

Hundreds of minor tweaks are also listed in the patch notes, some examples being removing the one second mana regeneration delay after consuming mana and adding invulnerability frames to the animation resuscitation to protect players from frustrating deaths. New worldMajor monthly updates are always impressive in scope, showing that Amazon Games is intent on improving New world despite its other MMORPGs, lost arkhaving recently stolen the show.

New world is available on PC.

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