One Piece Film Red Review: An Action-Packed Musical Adventure

Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew are back in their 15th movie and this time it’s a musical adventure. One Piece Movie: Red is an action-packed spectacle with a surprising amount of heart that captures all the fun of A play.

One Piece Red movie review

In One Piece Movie Red, Uta (Kaori Nazuka; AmaLee), a famous singer performs at her very first live concert. Fans from around the world gather to witness it, including the Straw Hats and other notable pirate crews. Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka; Colleen Clinkenbeard) quickly realizes that this Uta is his childhood friend who also happens to be the only child of his idol Shanks (Shûichi Ikeda; Brandon Potter). The reunion quickly turns sour as Luffy learns Uta’s true motives for organizing this concert. Fed up with the destruction the pirates have caused, Uta vows to use her Devil Fruit powers to create a new world where everyone can find peace. As fair as it may seem, his plan has terrible consequences that could destroy everything.

One Piece Movie Red is an action-packed musical adventure that captures the fun and heart of the A play franchise. Although this is the 15th theatrical feature of this anime, it stands out on its own with a different feel from the previous ones. A play movies. Personal ties anchor this one-off adventure, lending weight to the emotional aspect of the plot. Plus, the visuals are amazing. It’s never a bad day when artists get a movie budget to really show off what these characters can do.

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Typically, these types of standalone anime movies feature the main cast being dropped off in a new location and/or facing a new threat. This newcomer is super powerful and proves difficult to beat, but the heroes overcome them in the end and everyone returns to their main storyline. Nothing super frills about it, it’s a model and it more or less works. One Piece Movie: Red breaks out of this mold, however, by adding a personal connection between protagonist and antagonist. Uta may be a new character, but she’s nothing new to Luffy. Flashbacks flesh out their past as children who grew up playing together. Establishing how close these two were and how they still care for each other solidifies the emotional notes. By the time the inevitable end occurs, all that relationship building pays off. Film: Red surprisingly moving.

Uta has a unique power that allows her to literally transform objects and people by singing. Japanese pop star Ado is the power behind Uta’s singing voice. Each song encapsulates a different vibe for its character while paying homage to the heart of A play. New Genesis is a ballad where Uta speaks about the past but with hope for the future. fleeting lullaby is the opposite, a more serious matter of pain. No matter the theme, Ado is flawless. New Genesis also uses lyrics from the classic A play song Blink’s sake which also works to make this adventure feel more connected to the main timeline.

Musicals are able to move the story forward quickly, allowing time for the backstory without slowing the pace. Film: Red uses it to flesh out Uta’s character and establish her presence in the world. The lyrics do contain some double meanings and callbacks though, so non-readers and newcomers to the fandom might not quite understand what they’re trying to get across with these songs.

One Piece Red movie review

The fact that this film’s setting is a concert also means it doesn’t feel like simple fan service when various familiar faces appear. The Straw Hat Crew doesn’t have much to do, but it looks like they each had a moment to shine. I would even say that Usopp was the MVP of the final fight. But fans will really appreciate Shanks. Shanks is essentially the Gandalf of the A play world, diving in at the perfect moment, never staying too long, and never giving us (or Luffy) what we really want. In Film: Red we finally learn more about this mysterious pirate and his past. In the end, it still serves as a giant tease because there weren’t enough Shanks, but I have to hope that’s because a bigger payout is coming in the near future.

The director Gorô Taniguchi is not outdone on the visual side. Every fight scene, songs, everything appears with vivid colors and clean animation. I screened this at home, but with the scope of each footage, I can fully say this needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible. As with most animated films, the film ends in an epic brawl with everyone doing everything in their power to win. And this is not an acceptance. The sheer scale of the fight is mind-boggling and fans will be asking for more.

One Piece Movie: Red is an action-packed spectacle for Luffy and the Straw Hats punctuated by a stunning soundtrack. Incredible visuals, familiar faces, and a surprisingly moving story bring it all together and deliver a truly unique experience. A play offer. Could he have used more Shanks? This redhead means it but at the end of the day Film: Red is a must-have watch for fans and newcomers.

One Piece Movie: Red debuts in US theaters on November 4, 2022. It is rated PG-13 for violence, suggestive material, and language with a running time of one hour 55 minutes.