Professor’s witty musical reveal watched by millions on TikTok


“I wish my teachers were this fun in high school!” a viewer talked about the director of the Iowa choir.

Screenshot from @itsmrfinn TikTok videos

Usually, musicals intend to have audiences on the edge of their seats, but for a high school class in Iowa, the actors and singers were the ones living in suspense.

For several days, Indianola High School choir teacher Myles Finn used the process of elimination to narrow down the choices of which musical the class would put on in 2023.

Musicals such as “Mama Mia,” “Into the Woods” and “Mary Poppins” would be taken off the whiteboard, leaving fewer and fewer options left and creating excitement in the class.

Inadvertently, Finn found himself entertaining millions of viewers on TikTok with a creative way to kick off the school year.

Now he has over 27 million views on his big musical reveal, an elaborate plan that reminded viewers of their high school days and made them jealous of Finn’s students.

“I wish my teachers were this fun in high school!” one viewer joked.

“Teachers like that…they have the biggest impact,” another commented affectionately.

Finn kept his students and TikTok watchers on edge with the suspense that boiled over on the music reveal’s final day. There were two options left: “Beauty and the Beast” or “Mary Poppins”.

Finn peeled them off the board and crumpled them in his hand as the room full of students (and TikTok’s comments section) buzzed with excitement.

“Me, a woman of almost 40: what do we do for the spring play? I must know ! commented one person, invested in the suspense.

What followed was a complex series of pre-recorded videos, a scavenger hunt among the risers of the choir hall and a drum roll leading to the final musical reveal, which everyone immediately understood as the speakers blared an iconic four-note theme on the organ. followed by two snaps – “The Addams Family”.

Finn’s class erupted, eager for rehearsals to begin.

“I just watched the most amazing, talented and compassionate teacher who has ever created such a beautiful moment! You sir need a crown,” one viewer commented.

“I was just as excited as those kids in the room,” another commented.

Alison Cutler is a national real-time reporter for the Southeast at McClatchy. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and previously worked for The News Leader in Staunton, VA, an affiliate of USAToday.