Red Mill! The Musical’s Fred Odgaard talks about the power of pop music | The Broadway Buzz

Fred Odgaard is ready to welcome you to the fantastic world of Red Mill! Musical comedy. He has already been seen on the main stage of Naughty boots and Finding Neverlandbut now he celebrates performing Sonya Tayeh’s lavish, Tony-winning choreography in Red Mill! Musical comedy. Here, Odgaard shares the lasting impact of pop music, his first stage mishap and more.

“I had a lot of excess energy, so my mum thought it would be a good idea to channel that somewhere,” Odgaard said of her dance debut. “I’ve been dancing since I was four years old. My first time on stage was when I was 10. It was my first time doing a dance solo by myself and the first time I felt super elated. I had a knee slip at the end and slid forward with so much excitement and energy that I fell off the front of the stage. Everyone thought it was like that my solo had to end.

Fred Odgaard
(Photo: @FodgInstagram)

While Odgaard has been a part of the Tony-winning musical since its 2018 world premiere in Boston, its history with the source material goes back much further. “I saw the movie Red Mill! hit theaters in 2001. I’m obsessed with the music and there were so many nuances that gave it an amazing body wash of feelings that inspired me and made me want to do something like this. There’s something about pop music that deliberately takes you back to a specific place and time. You hear Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and you know exactly when you first heard it. The songs, especially the ones updated on the show, are the pop music I grew up with. It’s exciting.”

Odgaard serves as both ensemble performer and assistant dance captain in the musical, which is currently playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. “To dance in Red Mill! is such an intense experience. I put so much of my blood, sweat, tears, and movement into the show that it’s as much a part of me as I am. It’s such a wonderful place to put your energy.”

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