Tarkio High School Musical Legally Blonde takes the stage on December 5th and 6th | News

(Tarkio) – Tarkio High School will perform the Legally Blonde musical the first weekend in December.

Performers Sophia Martin and Bo Graves, along with Music Director Casey Martin, recently joined the KMA Morning Show to discuss the upcoming performance.

Sophia Martin is thrilled with the opportunity to play the lead role.

“I always loved this movie as a kid, and I love the character Reese Witherspoon played,” Martin explained. “So allowing us to play this play is kind of a dream come true. Playing this character is fun because it’s something I’ve never done before. I love it. It’s awesome.

Casey Martin says that a class during the school day also allowed the athletes to be in the performance.

“We are really lucky here at Tarkio High School. This is our 18th straight musical at our school, ”said Martin. “We were able to organize a musical theater course in collaboration with our music department. Melody Barnett and Nathaniel Waymire lead the choir and the group, so we collaborate during a class. So we can practice the whole semester in class. Then in November, before the show, we started our evening practices. We have 29 students, 9-12 in the show.

“We have a lot of different teachers helping us with the lights and the sound and getting everything ready. It’s a big production though. We have a nice auditorium here at Tarkio High School. We can put what we feel, into the Northwest Missouri, is a good kind of Broadway show in a small school. We get the music and costumes. We spare no expense to put on the show. “

Sophia Martin says she likes everyone to bring energy.

“My favorite part about this is how fun the show is and how everyone is in it and not just a few people with everyone and that’s what makes it fun,” Martin said.

Graves says he finds pleasure in nocturnal practices.

“Getting in late at night and being able to hang out with everyone in the theater and just go downstairs and watch the play,” Graves continued. “It’s a lot of fun for me.”

Those interested can get their tickets from the superintendent’s office at Tarkio High School or buy a ticket at the door.

You can hear the full interview with Casey Martin, Sophia Martin and Bo Graves below.

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