The Crossword Symphony: 12 musical terms and solving tips

In the crossword, ARCO can also be identified as the California-based brand of gasoline.

Possible clues: “With the bow, to music” “Instruction for playing with the bow”, “Instruction for a violinist”, “Counterpart of pizzicato, in music”, “Gas mark of the west coast”



“Assai” usually follows the name of a faster tempo, such as “allegro,” to indicate that the song should be played very quickly.

Possible clues: “Very, in music” “Very, to a conductor”, “Allegro ___ (very fast, in music)”, “Musical intensifier”


“Pick up speed”

When the speed of the music changes from its original setting – usually through the use of “accelerando” (“play faster”) or “ritardando” (“play slower”) – the notation “one tempo” asks players to return to their original pace. speed.

Possible clues: “Resume the previous speed, to music” “” Take back the speed “, musically”, “At the original speed, musically”, “Cancel the” ritardando “”


“Slowly / widely”

“Largo” is a musical tempo played slower than adagio (40-60 bpm). Largo is similar in speed to the “lento” tempo (see # 8 below), but it also denotes a composition that needs to be played more broadly and with emotion.

LARGO could also refer to Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys, in puzzle clues.

Possible clues: “Slow, in the symphonies”, “Slowly”, “Funeral Tempo”, “About 40-60 beats per minute”, “Slow and dignified”, “Florida’s Key ___”


“Fluid and connected”

A composition whose melody flows harmoniously is called “legato”. On a musical staff, curved lines called bonds connect notes of different pitch to indicate this style of playing.

Possible clues: “Sweet, in music” “Musically connected”, “Played smoothly”, “Smooth, to Solti”, “Pas staccato”


“Very slowly”

Like largo, “lento” is a tempo played more slowly than adagio, and can also be used as a noun to refer to any piece of lento.

Possible clues: “Slow, to music” “Slowly, on a score”, “Slower than the adagio”, “Indication to bow slowly, say,” “How a nocturnal is often played”