The National Alliance for Musical Theater announces the selections for the 2021 Festival of New Musicals

The National Alliance for Musical Theater has announced the lineup of new musicals for its 33rd annual Festival of New Musicals. The festival, consisting of eight new musical theater pieces, will be presented in person on October 20 and 21, as well as via a live stream presented in collaboration with Broadway On Demand.

“Having navigated last year’s pandemic-related circumstances by presenting a fully online festival, we are happily evolving to meet this year’s needs. Our hybrid Festival, which will include both the vital community building of an in-person event and the enhanced accessibility of a digital presentation, is designed to give as many people as possible the chance to experience the group of artists. events this year,” said Executive Director Betsy King Militello.

Since its inception, the festival has presented more than 300 new musicals to industry professionals and more than 85% of the shows presented have received new development opportunities. Some past shows of the festival include Come from afar, Lempicka, the sleepy chaperone , Benny & Joon, Ordinary Days, Striking 12, It Should Have Been You, Interstate, and Resolutely modern Millie.

The cast of each musical and programming details will be announced soon. Registration for the festival will open later in July on

Read on for more information on this year’s festival titles.

Book by Melis Aker and Tatiana Pandiani
Music by Jacinta Clusellas
Lyrics by Jacinta Clusellas and Ruben Dario
“In an epic world of magical realism, Bluebird, an idealistic poet, seeks a better life in a new land. Years later, in present-day Jackson Heights, Rita, a songwriter, struggles to forgive her father, understand her roots and reconnect. in a country she never knew.”

Fanny and Stella
Music and lyrics by Eamonn O’Dwyer
Book by SEVAN
“London, 1870s: Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton were unremarkable middle-class boys growing up in Dulwich, who fled their suburban upbringing to live like Fanny and Stella in frenetic Victorian London. A run-in with the law throws in their own coup d’etat: the sensational show-trial of the ‘He-She Ladies’. Dominating the press and scandalizing the nation, the investigation revealed every sordid detail of their savage life.”

Little Duende
Music and lyrics by Robi Hager
Book and lyrics by Georgina Escobar
“In the land of Elflán, life and beauty flourish. Adelita, an adventurous and curious young elf, is eager to discover what lies beyond the horizon. When the evil spirit of La Mancha kidnaps his mother, Adelita is forced to travel north to the land of the Hadaseñas in hopes of finding her again.”

Book and music by Cheeyang Ng
Book and lyrics by Eric Sorrels
Maya it is many things: it is a philosophy of Hinduism; the idea that the world around us is really an illusion; and a girl’s name. Set in the British Raj in 1930, Maya is the story of a struggling poet who needs a revival, much like India itself. When Gandhi’s nonviolent independence movement arrives at Māyā’s doorstep, it is plunged into one of the most turbulent political climates in history. When she steps up for the cause, she begins to shatter the illusions that deluded her to discover the difference she will truly make.”

missing peace
Book, music and lyrics by Kalani Queypo and Kyle Puccia
“Chase wakes up from a coma, his past hazy. To the surprise of his family, Chase is happy and free until the dark memories start to come back like quick cuts from a movie trailer that just don’t fit in. As Chase grapples with his suicide attempt, the bad choices he made, and the people he hurt along the way, he begins to work through his pain and heal his relationships with those he loves the most.”

Private Gomer Jones
Written by Marshall Paillet
“1914. Young Gomer Jones has ambitions to join the Welsh Army. But since he has lost his hearing, he needs the help of a nurse linked to the deaf community to find his way in front of recruiters. Thus begins Gomer’s journey as a deaf soldier pretending not to be a deaf soldier. He loses friends, his moral compass and his humanity. And then, through a series of moments in an increasingly senseless war, he finds himself again.

Senior class
Book, melodies and lyrics by Melvin Tunstall
Music by Greg Borowsky
“When the upper class music production of my lovely lady is canceled due to budget cuts, two theater nerds in Harlem convince the school to do a royalty-free one-night-only staging of Pygmalion. When they meet a subway dancer named Alizé, art begins to imitate life as they attempt to shape her into their perfect Eliza Doolittle. However, this new modern-day Eliza teaches them all as she proves she can Doolittle and more.”

TL; DR: Thelma Louise; Dyke Remix
Book and lyrics by EllaRose Chary
Music and lyrics by Brandon James Gwinn
“We start with T and L suspended in the air above the Grand Canyon – they quickly embrace and then, with the help of their new queer community (The Band), seek a queer future that has never been shaped. for them, the happy ending they deserve.”