The push for a supermarket musical started with the pilot

Musical episodes are no new sitcom conceit, and as evidenced by the enchanting entries over the years of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (“Once More with Feeling”), Scrubs (“My Musical”), “Daria” (“Daria!”), to name a few, they can add a campy quality and vibrant energy to Big Emotions characters who wear so intensely they just have to sing along.

Diegetic music played a supporting but somewhat significant role in “Superstore”, with the show’s transitions between scenes often showing glimpses of some of the worst quirks of human behavior from shoppers in a big box store – a man dropping a container of ice cream in a very unrefrigerated tech department, a fleet of people on scooters storming the aisles, babies left in various stalls, the list goes on – with pop hits from the decades present and passed to a discreet but cheerfully nihilistic effect.

But as discussed at a 2019 panel at San Diego Comic-Con (via Tell-Tale TV), at least a few of the sitcom’s stars have taken part in a musical episode, including Lauren Ash (who played nonsense Dina) and Nico Santos (who played the fabulous Type A Mateo). “We asked for it!” Ash said. “We begged for this!” continued Santos.