The Revue Musicale FFHS asks the big questions this week

You may already know the answer, but what was the question?

You can find out this week as Fort Frances High School and Muskie Music present “Can You Repeat the Question,” this year’s musical revue, which runs at the Townshend Theater from Thursday, November 10 through Saturday, November 12. The Musical Review of the Year will feature new and old songs that each feature a question for the audience, either in the song title or in the lyrics. Some of the classic songs that audiences will hear for the duration of the show include ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”, Cher’s “Believe” and a unique version of “The Muffin Man”. The show’s setlist was partly decided by the cast.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many extracurricular activities students could participate in at school for several years, this year marks the first year since 2019 that the musical review has been able to take place. Additionally, a weekend of confusion over the recent CUPE strike threw even more chaos into an already difficult mix as staff, students and crew waited to hear if they would regain access to the Townshend Theater. in time for their shows, or if they would. be forced to change location.

Now, thankfully, with COVID and the strikes behind them, everyone has been hard at work preparing the review for opening night and reflecting on the work and joy of being part of the production.

This year’s cast includes Amy Norris, Mickenna Ryll, Adrianna McCoy and MJ McPherson, many of whom have never been on a high school musical revue in the past, and all of whom came to the production for different reasons.

McCoy explained that of the four, she’s the only one with previous musical revue experience, having attended 9th grade. For others, coming to participate was a combination of facing some fears and even figuring out how to participate first.

“I didn’t know you could sign up for them,” McPherson said.

“I thought people were just, ‘hey, I want you.'”

Norris and Ryll said they had been too nervous to give the show a try during their 9th grade year, but after the disruptions of COVID, it seemed like this year was finally the time to go.

Once on board, however, they all found the space they were in to be welcoming, helping to soothe some of those initial nerves and working with their comrades to prepare for the show.

Everyone comes to music production with a different skill set, so all four students admit there have been challenges throughout the process of making the review, but it has also been an exciting and fun experience.

“I think the most exciting thing was coming out of my shell,” Ryll said.

“Before, I was a very shy, quiet and reserved person. But as the rest of the cast knows, I really am not. I really liked being left at the door. you become a character as soon as you get on stage. That’s my favorite part.

“It was really fun meeting everyone,” Norris added.

“I don’t really interact with people at school other than our class, so it was really fun meeting everyone and interacting with them. I think the hardest part is memorizing every lyric. in time for the show.

Students from Fort Frances High School performed their routines and choreographies on the Townshend Theater during their rehearsal for this year’s Musical Revue on Monday November 7, 2022. This year’s show features songs that ask the audience a question in its title or Lyrics. The musical review opens tomorrow, Thursday November 10, 2022. – Photo by Ken Kellar

“I really love getting together with everyone and being able to work on everything together,” McCoy said.

“It’s such a big community and I love everyone in it. As for what was the most difficult, I think learning the choreography and at the very beginning deciding what pieces we were going to put in the show.

“I’ve suffered from social anxiety all my life, so every time I go on stage, my brain completely forgets about that, about mental illness, and I can be quirky and loud and everything,” McPherson concluded.

“The hardest part; I’m not a dancer. I’ve never done a dance in my life, so choreographing and figuring out those words they say… I had no idea what a ‘vine’ was. meant in dance terms until last year, so it’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with.”

With just one day to go until the show’s opening night, each of the students encouraged the public to come out and support the work and efforts that have gone into getting the musical revue off the ground, as well as helping support future high school projects. .

“There’s something for everyone,” McPherson said.

“There are all these genres, there will definitely be something that at least one person in the audience will like. Also, we spent a lot of time on the show. There is a lot of effort to make everyone can see it and appreciate it.

“We worked really hard on the show,” McCoy agreed.

“I think it will be a great experience for everyone. Plus, it also helps with the musical, which is super awesome. All of our ticket sales are for this. It’s a very fun experience for everyone.”

“While the show is really neat, there are some humorous moments where the cast can really let loose and the audience can see a different side of us,” Ryll said.

“Even if you’re not into heavy metal music, pop music, or 50s music, there’s something for everyone, and it shows you a bit of who we are.”

“I recommend people going into high school to go watch it,” Norris added.

“Then they know what after-school programs are open to them. Even if you get stage fright, the cast is very open and accepting and will get you through this and are always there for you. You don’t have to go solo the first year, you can just get the experience.

Fort Frances High School and Muskie Music’s “Can You Repeat the Question” musical revue opens this Thursday, November 10 and continues through Saturday, November 12 at the Townshend Theater. The show starts at 7 p.m. each night and tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for students and seniors and are available at the door.