‘The Simpsons’ calls out Fox News in musical number with Hugh Jackman

The simpsons took aim at Fox News and Facebook during a musical number during the Season 33 finale on Sunday, May 22.

In the episode titled “Poorhouse Rock”, Hugh Jackman and former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich led a song about the death of the American middle class.

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During the number, a character resembling Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is shown (via Deadline), saying, “Putin for president, next on Fox News.”

Facebook is also arrested for spreading disinformation in the lyrics of the song: “Facebook feeds our fear / They convince us that everything was fine when gas was cheap and men were white.” A character resembling Mark Zuckerberg is also seen pressing a red button that reads “death of democracy”.

Jackman, voicing a singing janitor, begins the eight-minute musical number as a challenge to Bart Simpson – who is inspired by his father Homer’s work at the nuclear power plant. “I hate to burst your childish bubble, but your dad’s kind of work just doesn’t exist anymore,” Jackman told Bart.

During the number, Lisa raps, “You’ll never have the life that our flabby father had, what can he do that a robot can’t?

“This job you see now needs a Ph.D. / While student loan payments leave you in poverty / No new car / No fancy house / No hot dinners cooked by your stay-at-home spouse / You go pinch every dollar and every penny / And you’ll still have to choose between health and rent,continues the character.

Reich, who shared a clip from the episode, also gives a brief history of rising economic inequality in the United States.

The song was in response to a 2021 article in Atlantic titled “Life on the Simpsons is No Longer Accessible”, which claimed that Homer’s labor of supporting a family on working-class wages is an “almost dreamy, secure existence that now seems out of reach for too many of Americans”.

Last year, family guy Creator Seth MacFarlane expressed regret keeping the show hosted on Fox due to Carlson’s involvement with Fox News.

“Tucker Carlson’s latest op-ed has me wishing again family guy was on any other network,” MacFarlane wrote on Twitter.

The network recently announced The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burger had all been renewed for additional seasons.