‘The Simpsons’ slams Fox News in catchy Hugh Jackman musical number

“The Simpsons” took aim at the Fox Corporation on Sunday in a musical number about the death of the American middle class, in the finale of its 33rd season. At one point, the show pointed its criticisms at the ever-controversial Tucker Carlson, who at one point in the issue says “Putin for president, next on Fox News.”

The issue was led by Hugh Jackman and economist Robert Reich, who challenged Bart on his belief that his father Homer’s work at the local nuclear power plant is inspirational. As Lisa raps at one point, “You’ll never have the life our flabby dad had, what can he do that a robot can’t?”

“This job you see now needs a Ph.D. / While student loan payments leave you in poverty / No new car / No fancy house / No hot dinners cooked by your stay-at-home spouse / You go pinch every dollar and every penny / And you’ll still have to choose between health and rent,” she continues in the edit.

Reich gives a short lecture on the history of the country’s growing economic inequality (“Tax breaks went to CEOs, never trickling down to average joes”), while Grampa Simpson leads a crowd of geriatric citizens from Springfield who complain about the misinformation they have consumed on social media, which has contributed to their fear-based politics.

“We’re voting for gun crazies and climate deniers/QAnon lunatics and scammers and liars,” they sing a-la-“Les Miserables.” “They’re destroying our safety net and gutting Medicare / But they’re getting our vote ’cause we’re incredibly easy to scare.”

The episode also featured a short parody of the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton.” Marge gathers a group of moms to enjoy the latest episode of “Tunnelton”, an event that ultimately leads Marge to drink a bit too much as she enjoys the steamy TV series.

“The ladies of Springfield had a wonderful time traveling at a time when England was filled with eligible young girls in corsets courted by hot, multiracial dudes with rock hard abs,” the narrator says.

In response, Marge exclaims, “The writing on this show is amazing!”