Virginia Children’s Theater concert celebrates diversity through musical classics

ROANOKE, Va. – Virginia Children’s Theater hopes to bring people together through music.

August 6 will be the opening night of their “Brand New Day” concert.

“Stories that celebrate racial diversity, but also homosexuality, gender identity and all those things,” said adult singer Isaiah Young.

The concert celebrates unique stories, like that of young soloist Olivia Brown.

“This show really resonates with me because I’m bi-racial,” Brown said.

Broadway musical favorites will be played, many of which you may recognize.

“I love ‘What Baking Can Do’ from the musical ‘Waitress.’ I love the message of this song. It’s about how even when everything seems to be falling apart and the walls seem to be crumbling, there’s always going to be something that will ground you and help you through a tough time,” Brown said. .

The performers hope their message of acceptance will resonate with audiences.

“Theatre makes everyone happy. It brings people together. It’s about unity and we want people to be together and see each other on stage a bit,” said professional youth actress Jai Isaac.

So our region can work to be a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

“There are a lot of divisions in our world and what we really need right now is unity and this is the perfect gig to do that,” said professional adult singer, Kimi Galang Villegas.

The VCT concert kicks off on Saturday August 6 at Elmwood Park. You can find out more on the VCT website.

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