Vroom’s ‘Flake The Musical’ Ad Will Air During Super Bowl 2022

After a successful debut as a Super Bowl announcer in 2021, used car distributor vroom decided to passapproximately $6.5 million (plus production costs) required to run a 30-second commercial during the 2022 Super Bowl. The ad, titled “Flake the Musical,” uses a Broadway musical motif and focuses on how the platform of Vroom’s e-commerce can take the anxiety out of selling a used car and make it a simple and seamless process.

The commercial was choreographed by Mandy Moore (La La Land), with a creation produced by Anomalyand directed by Wayne McClammy. ocean media handled media buying. The creative approach tries to capitalize on the fact that many people find selling a car themselves, through an online position like on Craigslist, or dealing with a car dealership, stressful. As observed by Peter Scherr, marketing director of Vroom in an interview with Brand-innovators.com, a Gallup poll showed that 81% of consumers are dissatisfied with their experiences with car dealerships. Reasons for dissatisfaction include feeling pressured, lack of transparency and wasted time. So, by showing the roller coaster of emotions a seller goes through in the ad, including a potential buyer “chewing” on the deal, the ad effectively emphasizes the Vroom making the selling process clear and convenient.

Scherr, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, describes how the results of last year’s Super Bowl ad contributed to the decision to run another big game ad, saying:

“Last year, we decided to advertise at the Super Bowl to introduce as many consumers as possible to the reality that buying a used vehicle could be a seamless process from start to finish. This year, our advertising is focused on raising awareness that Vroom also buys cars from consumers – without the hassle of meeting strangers, endless bargaining or getting shot.The Super Bowl has generated extremely strong interest in our brand before, during and after last year’s game. It has such a large and engaged audience that is not limited to sports fans, who watch the game live, and gives us a great platform to put highlight another essential aspect of our business this year.Additionally, Super Bowl ads tend to be part of a larger cultural conversation and commentary in which we find it useful to be included. read.

Describing Vroom’s primary promotional goals in the broadcast and tracking of Super Bowl advertising, Scherr observes, “Our primary goal is to make Vroom a household name, so everyone in America knows we’re buying and selling. cars online. We continue to invest in building our brand in traditional ways, such as attending “date viewings” like the Super Bowl and the Olympics, while exploring other creative ways to inject the brand into culturally fluid conversations.

The Super Bowl has indeed become an even more unique property for advertisers, as there are simply no other alternatives that can reach on the order of 100 million consumers at once. Indeed, the The NFL itself now dominates the most-watched shows in an unprecedented way. In addition to the high number of “off-the-charts” viewers, the fact that ads typically feature increased viewer attention allows for high impact potential for Super Bowl ads.

The fact that the ad emphasizes the real features of the product (quick estimates, seamless and largely contactless pickup, and fast checkout, while simultaneously appealing to emotions) is a big plus for the brand. The ad looks set to hit Vroom’s goals, and posting it early allows a relatively young company to receive more publicity, which is likely to be helpful for awareness and engagement. In a hot market for used cars aided by supply chain issues, microchip shortages and inflation, the choice to run a sales-focused Super Bowl 2022 ad seems like a particularly good one.