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The show must continue!

Through a series of unforeseen circumstances, the stage performances planned by five young people under the direction of Ladysmith’s Stephanie Roth did not take place at the places originally planned, but always occurred on the same dates in different places.

And now the cast of The Brave, a live musical revue, is set to put on a well-rehearsed show on Saturday, September 17 at 2 p.m. at the Chemainus 55+ Activity Center. Sponsored by the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society, admission is free.

“Without the support of the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society, we couldn’t have done this there,” Roth said. “They arranged for us to perform there.”

The five participants are between the ages of 12 and 15 and all hail from Ladysmith-Chemainus, Duncan and Nanaimo.

“They became fast friends,” Roth noted. “They have this thing in common – the element of performance, creativity. It’s really about providing a place for creative, young people in our community.

Roth, the namesake of the Stephanie Roth Performing Arts Studio, has been working with the band since April. They were set to perform the show for the first time at the Chemainus Health Care Center for residents.

“The original concept was to go into the care center and offer them our spirits in song,” Roth said.

When that couldn’t happen, it was at Plan B at Eden Gardens in Nanaimo on August 23, then August 27 at Ladysmith Little Theater instead of another proposed date at Waterwheel Park Bandshell in Chemainus.

“We worked so hard and we managed to do it anyway,” Roth said. “It was actually quite wonderful to see how it all unfolded.”

The show at Ladysmith Little Theater was performed in front of family and friends.

“It was so successful,” enthused Roth. “Their families loved it.”

Performers include: Ace Copp, Laura Parkyn, Caidence Burns, Janelle Sharpe and Sierra Jones.

They first started with rehearsals once a week lasting two to two and a half hours at the Saltair Community Center “where we were talking about the concept of the show and their contribution, it was a collaborative effort”, explained Roth.

They continued once a week until the end of the school term in June, then took a break in July before resuming. They then moved to Ladysmith Little Theater for longer and more frequent sessions.

“I could see they were all very excited to be in a theater and for some it was their first time on stage – it was very exciting!” noted Roth.

It was a lucky case for the group to perform for Eden Gardens in Nanaimo and the Ladysmith Little Theatre. The theater board generously donated the space and everything that goes with it – space, sound and lights, everything. People also donated their time and expertise in sound and lighting and welcoming members of the public.

“It took a small army to put our show together,” Roth conceded. “We did it and we’re so grateful for their support. Ladysmith Little Theater was super fun because we had the lighting, sound and costumes. I’m so proud of the cast and everything they’ve accomplished .

They still plan to perform at the Chemainus Health Care Center when possible. In the meantime, the community can take advantage of Saturday’s free public event at the Chemainus 55+ Activity Center which features great up-and-coming artists.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know this great group of young people and seeing them grow,” Roth concluded.

The Stephanie Roth Performing Arts Studio has just started fall classes at Ladysmith Little Theater for aspiring young performers. Go to for more information.

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